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      geçici yapıştırma simanı cavex temporary

      geçici yapıştırma simanı cavex temporary

      Cavex Marka geçici kaplama yapıştırıcı siman

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      KategoriSiman (Yapıştırma)

      Ojenol içermeyen geçici yapıştırma simanı;

      Dental kron ve köprülerin (kaplamaların) geçici olarak yapıştırılmasında kullanılır.

      Instructions for use:

      CAVEX Temporary Cement
      CAVEX Temporary Cement is used for the cementation of temporary crowns and
      bridges. It is free of eugenol; therefore, after its removal, it will not inhibit the
      polymerization of composite-based luting cements. In addition, it will also not inhibit the
      setting of any other composite filling material.
      CAVEX Temporary Cement consists of two pastes, to be mixed after extruding equal
      lengths of both pastes.
      The BASE paste (35g) is a mixture of a vegetable oil with magnesium oxide and zinc
      The CATALYST paste (16g) contains a dimer fatty acid in a mixture of waxes and resins
      as paste formers, with a trace of acid to accelerate the setting reaction with the zinc
      oxide of the BASE paste.
      In comparison with competitor products, the set cement which remains on the tooth
      surface, after the removal of the temporary crown, can be easily removed without
      discomfort for patient or dentist, guided by its yellow colour, distinct from dentine.
      Cementation of temporary crowns and bridges.
      CAVEX Temporary Cement is eugenol free and will not inhibit the setting of composite
      cements or composite filling materials.
      CAVEX Temporary Cement is in full compliance with ISO 3107 "Dental zinc
      oxide/eugenol cements and zinc oxide non-eugenol cements" Type I.
      Instructions for Use
      Extrude equal lengths of the BASE (white) and CATALYST (yellow) paste on the mixing
      pad, supplied with the package. The mixing ratio by weight is 2.2 : 1.
      Note: For the cementation of a large temporary bridge, it can be advisable to use a
      somewhat weaker cement. Such a bridge can then be removed more easily.
      In that case, the use of 10-20% more white paste compared to the mixing
      ratio indicated above, is recommended.
      Date: October 1, 2015
      Mix the two pastes in one action with a stainless steel spatula until a homogeneous
      yellow-coloured paste is obtained. This usually takes about 30 sec.
      Apply the mixed cement onto the temporary crown or bridge and place it on the
      preparation. Setting time in the mouth is approx. 1.30 - 2 min.
      After complete setting, remove the excess cement.
      The spatula can be easily cleaned with a tissue before the cement has set.
      It is recommended to handle CAVEX Temporary Cement at room temperature and
      ? Mixing time : 30 sec.
      ? Working time : 2.30 min.
      ? Setting time : 4.00 – 7.00 min.
      ? Setting time in the mouth : 1.30 - 2 min.
      In cases of a known allergy to any of the ingredients of Cavex Temporary Cement.
      Side effects
      Although information on the used raw materials do not suggest any side effects this
      product or one of its components may in particular cases cause hypersensitive
      reactions. If suspected, information on the ingredients can be obtained from the


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